Run for a Cause: Join the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2024

Participating in the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is not only a great opportunity to challenge yourself physically but also a meaningful way to support various charitable causes. The event, which includes a range of races such as the Tartan Ottawa International Marathon, and Ottawa Half Marathon, and shorter distances like the 10K, 5K, 2K, and even a Kids Marathon, caters to runners and walkers of all levels. The 2024 edition is set to take place on May 25-26 in Ottawa, offering a festive atmosphere and a chance to experience the city's beauty.

One of the most impactful aspects of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is the Desjardins Charity Challenge, which provides a platform for participants to raise funds for a wide array of charitable organizations. In 2022, the event successfully met its fundraising goal, collecting over $1 million for various causes.

Among these organizations are us! H.O.P.E.: Helping Other People Everywhere, we are a charity focused on making a difference in the community while having fun.

In this year's race, you can choose to support H.O.P.E. or any other participating charity. You will be able to contribute to their vital work while enjoying a memorable running experience.

Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or a casual walker, your participation and fundraising efforts can make a significant impact on the lives of others. To donate to H.O.P.E. visit RaceRoster and search for our organization (H.O.P.E.: Helping Other People Everywhere)

Can't wait to see you at the race!